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Income and Profitability are the paths we have to offer.

Our name comes from Income + Profitability and this is the way we have to offer. More than a consulting firm, we are a team that seeks to do more.

Our story begins in 2008, when we decided that we could join and put together a different advice than the market was offering. We decided to go beyond the survey of processes, diagnostics and guidelines. Besides all these analyzes, we draw a plan of action and work lada by side with our customers to achieve excellent results, with empathy and commitment.

Our role is to work within companies, as partners, understanding the sentiment of entrepreneurs and putting all in this together to jointly meet the challenges that the market brings, implement the changes necessary to build real results.

"Hands ON"

Our multidisciplinary team offers the flexibility your business needs with expertise, experience, speed and humane treatment. Thus become easier management, assist in troubleshooting reduce waste, optimize costs and raise its revenue.

That is our vision.
That's our business.
This is the Lure.

Conte com um grupo de especialistas que geram cada vez mais resultados para sua empresa: fale agora com um consultor Lure!